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On this page I will introduce one of my partners: Lundai which is a web series coming into the Fantastic Steampunk 

A rich universe created from scratch by Thomas Sapet Parigi helped for dialogues by Miss Cécile Douel. These two friends work together to make you live incredible adventures, in worlds populated by fantastic creatures, quest for power but also magic on board an airship ...

Recently the team has been joined by two composers not least. Mr. Michel Barouille who participated in the generics such 
as Albator 78, Goldorak and many others had the kindness to compose for the themes of the characters of Eresseä 
Calidiana ( v = myuWU2FplbM) and Natch's ( two 
smugglers. Bryan Raffault has also joined the crew by composing many themes for the Lundai series that you can also listen to on the Youtube channel.

Thomas aka Jaestr tries to embark on his madness.

The passion for making movies came to him, as he likes to tell, by making burgers in Mc Do. Completely novice in the 
middle, he trained himself to hold a camera, make sound and light settings, edit etc ... with the help of tutorial, 
practice, some friends and a lot of willpower and patience. He will also create his own runic language, creatures ...

The season 1 begins to be broadcast on Youtube you can find it on:

Currently there are 6 episodes the 7 th is being edited.

Setting up the universe, some explanations are needed: * S01 Episode 1:

The adventure really begins: * S01 Episode 2:

* S01 Episode 3:

* S01 Episode 4:

* S01 Episode 5:

* S01 Episode 6:

Soon I will embark on the life of each character of season 1. Pitch of the story without revealing you either.

Feel free to support them by subscribing to their page, putting comments whether they are positive or negative they like the constant criticism to move forward.

Between each episode Thomas tries to make you wait with tutorials, spin-offs or vlogs.